Boise Ketamine Clinic

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2800 West Overland Road
Boise Bench
Boise 83705
United States
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"Boise Ketamine Clinic located in Boise, ID at 2800 W Overland Rd. Our clinic specializes in the administration of IV ketamine infusion for the treatment of mood and pain disorders including depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, CRPS, fibromyalgia, and more.

A novel new treatment, IV ketamine infusions offer a fast-acting solution for your symptoms. Ketamine, when administered into the bloodstream at a low dose, has been shown to stimulate the growth of new synapses and increase neuronal arborization through an increase in ribosomal transcription of DNA - as well as at least 3 other mechanisms. Ketamine may indeed signal a paradigm shift in the treatment of mood and pain disorders.

Mood disorders like depression, anxiety, and PTSD are some of the most common disabilities across the planet. These mental health conditions can affect anyone from any walk of life or age. 300 million people on the planet suffer from depression, and up to 16.2 million of those are adults in the United States according to the World Health Organization.

While many treatments exist for mood disorders, such as psychotherapy, electroconvulsive therapy, and transcranial magnetic stimulation, many suffer from treatment-resistant forms of these conditions and are unable to find relief.

Research in the last two decades began to show that ketamine can be a powerful treatment for the symptoms of depression, and now ketamine is used for the treatment of mood and pain disorders in hundreds of ketamine infusion clinics across the United States.

If you would like to learn more about ketamine treatment in Boise, ID we invite you to contact Boise Ketamine Clinic today at 208-801-1414"


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