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225 Oxmoor Circle Suite 811
Homewood AL 35209
United States
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BMR Homes is a proud home building and renovation company in the Homewood, AL area. We are dedicated to provide you with quality craftsmanship on every job.


I have been reluctant to write this review, since we had hoped to simply put this experience in the past. One year later and BMR Homes remains a nightmare to my family. I work in construction and I have never experienced something so unprofessional and disorganized. I can only hope that this will in some way protect my friends and neighbors from a similar experience. BMR over sells and under delivers, taking advantage of a confusing process and difficult personal times. It took them 26 months to rebuild our home after a fire. 109 weeks of what was so poorly managed and run with absolutely no sense of urgency. As my family was forced to live in in hotel rooms and apartments, for 24 months. This was not a house built from scratch with site work, foundations, rough utility work to be done. driveways to be poured. Or some secluded construction site location. This was to repair and reconstruct a house within an existing shell and of the same footprint. BMR had promised that a trailer would be put on site, so that full time BMR management would be onsite for this project. This was to be a "priority project" for them. Their actual effort was far to the contrary. Estimates, costs, schedules, production, and progress reports were all to be tracked via their CoConstruct website. None of this was provided. Workers rarely worked more than ½ days. I would check the house at 7:30 or 8 each morning, to find no one working or workers setting up for the day. I would return between 11:30-12, all workers would be gone. Partial projects completed or no indication of what work was done at all. Sub-contractors and workers arriving with no idea what their assignments for the day were or wait for materials. All while the list of work to be completed seemed obvious. Sub-contractors working a few hours and then leaving because other workers had not completed their assignments. BMR “management” doing drive-bys or stopping by for a few minutes. They refused to provide any expectation of work schedules or completion dates. In the last 6 months of work, I missed 37 days from my job to be onsite. While still making multiple daily visits, and trying to run my own company. Sub-contractors stating that they were “working for free” or had not been paid. Even though every payment of the draw schedule had been made to BMR, per their outlined agreement. Payments of 165% of BMR’s estimate to rebuild our home. Payments which were unfortunately made to BMR 4-5 months prior to completion, because BMR had miss-managed the project so poorly. BMR was at my house before the fire trucks had left and took advantage for more than two years. Beware of BMR Homes for any of your needs. We had a beautiful home before the fire and fortunately have a beautiful home now. It is unfortunate how some companies and people take advantage of such difficult situations.
12/2/2019 9:41:23 PM Report