1921 Hillhurst Avenue
Los Angeles 90027
United States
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Company description

Black Legacy is the number one black power clothing brand for african americans and people of african descend, in the united states and around the world !

Black Legacy wants to make sure every black people in this white dominated world know they are unique, beautiful and powerful. The brand wants to educate its people to the glorious history of the great black population and glorious leaders.

Through various T-shirt and hoodies collections, Black Legacy glorifies Africa, the Black Power movement and the wonderful and unique Black Culture. Through the deeds of Malcolm X, Angela Davis, Huey Newton, Shaka Zulu among others, the clothing personifies the fight of the afro american people and its great legacy. The brand also presents you the story of great Pan African leaders like Thomas Sankara and Patrice Lumumba. Finally, the brand likes to remind us of our afrocentric culture like with presenting the mythic Blaxploitation movies.

Through its design, some can find the brand to be provocative as its illustrate the struggle of a people against an unfair and unbalanced system. Putting its emphasis on the fight, like against the twisted justice or the white supremacists, Black Legacy does not spread a message of violence but a message of freedom and fighting for the rights of a whole people. You can also learn more about your history, culture or legacy with the Black Blog, which tells us the stories of the great black people who accomplished great deeds in a hostile environment, so we can inspire ourselves from us.

Existing since 2016, the Black Legacy movement is getting bigger and bigger every day ! Be proud of your legacy !


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