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7500 bay ridge pkwy
Brooklyn NY 11204
United States
Phone number:
(347) 480-9665

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Company description

we pride ourselves on offering our customers the highest quality interior and exterior painting service in the industry at the lowest possible price.
Just when you thought that hiring a professional painter was not in the budget, with
bkny interiors painting based in Brooklyn new York, you'll get amazing results, clean and perfect, at the best price. With over 10 years of experience serving Brooklyn,Manhattan,Staten island,queens,long island, surrounding tri-state area.


They know how to capture the ideas suggested for each space in the home and I am sure that from any work site they made my company in Manhattan perfect, BKNY Painting highly recommended
7/27/2018 2:00:18 PM Report

What I loved most about his work here in Long Island was the neatness with which they did it, and the union of the team at the time of making my requests and demands, I fully trust bkny painting and I would leave my home in their hands.
7/26/2018 5:37:49 PM Report

As an owner of an establishment in Queens I know how important it is to maintain the striking spaces, since they recommended me to bkny painting I feel safer when hiring a painting service, they are very detailed, punctual and efficient I recommend them
7/26/2018 2:59:02 PM Report

I do not have any kind of complaint, I loved the work that bkny painting did in my studio in Bronx, they used high quality materials at affordable prices, I recommend them, they are a very organized team, I would definitely call them again
7/26/2018 12:58:24 PM Report

We wanted to change the vibe at home, that’s why We contact Brooklyn New York Bkny Painting. The remodeling project was a wonderful experience, I recommend this team without a doubt. On top the business, We appreciate the results. My favourite place was the bathroom renovation, It was an excellent work!
7/26/2018 2:02:02 AM Report

I am very satisfied with the work done by bkny painting in my house in Brooklyn, they finished in the foreseen time working in an impeccable way the spaces and they knew how to contrast all the spaces, highly recommendable and efficient
7/25/2018 6:19:08 PM Report

I was very impressive with Brooklyn New York Bkny Painting when the office painting work was finished. What an extremely professional team! We are very grateful for the experience. We never thought how much a good painting work could make the difference and complete a comfortable place.
7/7/2018 3:37:15 AM Report

We were so happy with his work. He was at my house to paint the living room, bathroom and my kid’s room on time and did an excellent job. Brooklyn New York Bkny Painting and team are very professional, and had by far the best prices. I don't feel regrets to contact them. My wife, Caroline is very grateful with you guys! We have heard many good comments from our family and friends.
7/2/2018 6:03:27 AM Report

I’ve just painted my apartment and looking online found these guys. Excellent job, all time communication with the company and the specialist, Fair price, good attention. I have nothing bad to say about BKNY Painting. If somebody wants to paint something, hire them. Fully recommended.
6/20/2018 9:18:52 PM Report

I recommend BKYN Painting with my eyes closed. The job in my house was Impeccable. It was very professional, fast, flexible and collaborative with my point of view. Just exactly what I’ve requested for. Thumbs up for you Guys. Five stars to your Rep. Thanks a lot!
6/16/2018 8:10:12 PM Report

We were very pleased with the company BKNY Painting, 100% satisfied with the service. Everything was professionally done, good vibes, very kind specialist, amazing quality job and a really attractive price. They are Professionals! We’ll contact them without a question!
6/14/2018 10:29:33 PM Report

The company is very responsible, they did a quality job in my home, We had good communication and the specialist really impressed me. I also think they charge me fairly for the job. I recommend them!
6/11/2018 8:02:07 PM Report

I called this company to install a wallpaper in my dinner room, they did an excellent job, besides, the specialist was pretty servicial and kind.
6/9/2018 2:13:30 PM Report

Brooklyn New York Interior painting painted my whole apartment recently and did an excellent job. team work is detailed and super clean. team also reliable and on time as agreed. I highly recommend his work.
6/3/2018 11:04:12 PM Report

I'm super grateful to Brooklyn New York interior painting their team is very professional and they managed to do an amazing job of painting in my house I will definitely have them back to do more work you are the maximum
6/3/2018 4:11:37 PM Report

Brooklyn New York Interior Painting was amazing I contacted him and they were in my house to paint on time and they did an excellent job with very good details in the painting. We are very happy and satisfied with your work I recommend them totally
5/31/2018 3:21:54 PM Report

The interior painting of New York did an excellent job they painted all the walls of my apartment finished with a beautiful decoration I am delighted. They are professionals of high rank and experience. I highly recommend your work. BKNY INTERIOR PAINTING.
5/31/2018 1:13:09 AM Report

They did an excellent job, my whole apartment, being super clean, they used very good quality paintings, I am happy the apartment was elegant and comfortable. I recommend 100% for its high quality of service. BKNY INTERIOR PAINTING.
5/25/2018 2:22:44 AM Report

Brooklyn NY interior painting 100% Recommended, repairs and remodeling of home is only entrusted to them, are the best . Very professional and first class experience with there designs and service. 5 stars for me.
5/18/2018 12:06:06 PM Report

If you want to get a high quality remodeling job you must hire the specialist. This company did a great job in my home, commitment people!
5/17/2018 8:24:05 PM Report

Bkny Painting - Interior Painting Contractors NYC and the team workers turned my apartment with walls and garish ornaments into one with walls and ornaments painted with excellent quality now the interiors of the apartment look wonderful and beautiful
5/16/2018 6:52:27 PM Report

Satisfied I am, now the house, in each place and place is well arranged, looks new, another image is palpated, feels the new, thanks
4/30/2018 4:45:58 AM Report

excellent work that make all home improvements from the entrance to the exit of our residence, now look different and new, thanks to the services of bkny painting
4/28/2018 7:47:17 PM Report

Bkny Painting did the Interior painting work for my godfather’s house. for being honest I think they did a great work over there, they are really professionals and warm people. I would recommend them for all house improvement works.
4/25/2018 9:28:26 PM Report

I had a party in my house and I was a little worried because I don’t like how my living room looked. Bkny Painting helped me to resolve this installing a wallpaper on my walls and painting my ceiling. results are definitely amazing.
4/18/2018 6:56:17 PM Report

Bkny painting did a very good wallpaper job in my living room, I’m pretty happy with this project finish, Besides, they were pretty clean and order. Totally recommended!
4/10/2018 5:51:41 PM Report

Brooklyn New York Interior Painting made some repairs, I paint my house and I am very grateful and satisfied for the work done are very professional I recommend them 100%
3/6/2018 3:54:01 PM Report