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Ever imagined a scenario where you come home tired from work or from school or whatever you do during the day and as you open the door to your apartment you are welcomed with a sweet smelling food aroma with a ready-to-eat meal? Imagine no more because some people are living that reality. Which people you may ask? They are no other people than those using slow cookers.

Have I got your attention? Good. The term slow cooker may sound new to some people but it is definitely not a new term or better still not a new product in the market. It was first introduced by Rival who gave it the name Crock-pot in the 1970s and has since become a household name. It’s an electronic cooking aid that has come to stay for many countless years to come. It most of the time comes with a silver body or stainless steel with a transparent clear gas to help you see how your meal is cooking. Slow cooker has gained so much positive reputation that many refer to it as a life saver, private dedicated cooker, faithful and timely cooker to mention a few. Some say it does not just save time but move time because of its ability to help you prepare for meals you will eat much later.

The timing can range from 30 minutes to 1-6 hours cooking time for higher settings and 8-10 even up to 20 hours for lower settings (this is best if you are to have your meal cooked overnight or while you go off to work or school).

Although some older models of slow cooker comes with just an off and on switch button with a dial on the front of it that enables you to choose if you want the meal cooked on warm, low, or high heat, the newer models come with a more sophisticated and useful feature. There you can programme it such that it can cook from low to high heat, set time for when it will start cooking. You can even set it to start cooking on high heat close to the time you will get home. This makes it easy for you to have a hot homemade meal.


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