Behavioral First Aid

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Our site holds a dual purpose to educate and inform the public about two things we very much have control over in the world: Our behavior (and, in some cases, the behavior of others) and first aid care. We are not part of a for-profit or non-for-profit organization. Instead, we aim to integrate the best of behavior management and modification with the best of first aid and first response care. The idea behind both sides of the BFA coin is that we have control. The idea is that we can promote inner and outer wellness together. The idea is that the human condition is not inevitable or left up to chance. We can maintain the best version of ourselves. We can move for the betterment of others.
This site aims to serve as a mecca for understanding and advancement of ideas in the world of first aid including CPR, certification, kits, and response efforts. This site also, and in duality, aims to serve the latest information and useful details about human psychology and behavior. We will even dip into animal psychology insomuch as it affects our understanding of pets and animals we encounter in the wild.

We want for humans to experience each other, themselves, and the world around them in the best light. The aim is to live as unscathed as is possible.


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