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Do you know that there are alternative ways how to use our programs to control cell phones? If you have already read about our programs or used them, then you already know about the main features of the functional, what they are capable of. The main function is to register all events of the phone: interception of calls, sms / mms messages, notification of changing the SIM card, etc. It so happened that now it is customary to call such programs "spies", but they can be useful in a number of other everyday situations.
Slightly fantasizing how to use programs for wiretapping phones in everyday life, you can find a lot of ways "where to apply them"! Let's look at the obvious applications. Protection from theft .This is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind! Cell phones are now an important accessory for most people, losing which will be very annoying. After all, you will lose all contacts, photos, important sms and so on. With the help of our program Spy Apps you can "spy" on your own smartphone - and if it's stolen, you'll know where it is; if a new SIM card is inserted into it, you will receive an SMS with this number and be able to call the "new owner" of your device. Even if you find and return the phone it will be impossible, then you will always have a saved online copy of all your contacts, photos, calls, sms, etc. Using your cell phone as a GSM-tracker One of the many functions of our software is the ability to track the phone. Each of the programs, depending on the phone, has several ways to determine the location of the device - either through a GPS satellite (an error of about 5-100 meters depending on the obstacles and power of the GPS module of the phone) or on the base stations of the cellular operator (tower) - here the error is quite high about 100-2000 meters. This means that you can find out where your phone is at any time! How to use it, I think, everyone will come up with himself - as an option, you can put the phone in the car and know where it is, hand out the phones to your employees, etc. If you distribute cell phones to your employees, you can quickly and easily track where they are and, moreover, learn about any unauthorized use of the phone. Using your phone as a "voice recorder" with AppMia, you can use your cell phone as a recording device for your phone calls. The programs will automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls and send them to your secure online account or to mail. Thus, you can always produce a record of "who, what, when said"

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