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United States
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Company description

Albany Cell Phone Repair will provide the fastest service possible. We know you want the repair done right, done fast and done inexpensively!

Cell phones have become an integral part of how we interface with the world. We understand the frustration and anxiety that occurs when we are removed from our phone by either a shattered screen or a submersion into some form of fluid. Our #1 goal is to fix your phone and get it back in your able hands.

One of the most common risks we face with our cell phone is that is gets submerged in water or even left out in the rain. Yikes. In our anxious state we hurry up to see if the phone is functional.

Unfortunately when we turn on the device it can cause excessive amounts of voltage causing damage which tragically brings your device to an abrupt end. So the rule of thumb is do not turn the cell phone on or plug it in. Take the battery out immediately and bring into one of our specialist who will release any pockets of water trapped in the device.

If doing it yourself is what you want to do, then using uncooked rice can work in absorbing water. However do not lay the device flat in the uncooked rice. You must utilize gravity in order to let the water work its way out the charging port or headphone port. If the device has been exposed to water, and not brought to a specialist, the device could damage components on the device board.

If you have shattered glass it is no reflection on you (pun intended). While one can do it themselves in replacing the glass, sometimes having the right tool is needed to take the glass off. Snapping the glass back is also not just a snap. A little professional know how makes for a smooth repair.

Regardless of the repair, we will have you re-united with your phone in no time at all. We know getting it done right is of paramount importance. We also know the importance of getting it done fast.

We are a local service provider for the greater Albany Area.

Albany Cell Phone Repair is not your typical electronics device service company who claims to be able to fix everything under the sun. Instead our focus is Cell Phone Repair. We have a professional facility with trained specialists. We know customers do not want to walk in a business that feels like a pawn shop or worse, your cousin’s living room after an all night session of Call to Duty. We are not going to throw in the towel on the repair and try and upsell you on a refurbished or new upgrade. Our mission is to fix what you have, not to tell you what else would be really cool. While we may look like your geeky Cousin, we are serious about being attentive to your needs.

The internet is full of cell phone websites that claim locations all over the country and cleverly place your local town in the web pages. But we are a local small business helping our customers by word of mouth. Everyone has reviews by Kevin G from (pick a any local town) the by Susan J. from (pick another local town). You get the idea. Local business means something to us in Albany, NY and we do not take that trust lightly.

Our customers are also looking for fair pricing. Everyone is offering discounts using Groupon or some other special bargain. We are not stupid, we do the same. We know everyone is looking for the best price than can get. After all, this is America. Fill out that beautiful form to the upper right portion of this page and see what discount applies for you. Also look for us on Yelp and other review oriented site.

Albany Cell Phone Repair services may include the replacing of screens, diagnose cell phone, assess potential water damage, see if replacing power and home button makes sense, replace speaker, replace camera, provide unlocking capabilities for traveling, replace battery, repair charging port, and repair headphone if needed.

Below is a list of our cell phone repair services. If we cannot help you, please let us know and we will be more than happy in recommending other resources that may be more appropriate.

•Screen: Do you have a shattered screen? No problem, our specialist are trained in glass repair.
•Diagnose: Does your cell phone have a case of the ips? Our cell phone specialists can run tests to determine how to fix your phone issues.
•Water: Did you drop your phone in water? No problem, there are many options on how to repair a cell phone that has been submerged in water. If our recommendations do not work, then we can help determine the amount of damage to see if you need new parts.
•Power/ Home Button: Is your power button jammed or not responsive? We can help you turn your phone on and off?
•Speaker: If your speaker is broken, no problem. No need to go without this hands free option or miss the wake up alert in the morning.
•Camera: Are you missing the opportunity to capture the moment? Our goal is to help you get back to taking selfies to prove indeed that you were there!!!
•Unlocking: Let us help with the transition when you change services. We can HELP!
•Battery: Is you your battery fully charged at night, but loses its charge before the morning alarm sounds? It might be time for a new battery.
Charging Port: Bring the cell phone to us and we will help you get your charge back.
Headphone Port: We would love to get your headphone port operating right so you can rock it out at the gym or on the tread mill while listening to your favorite tunes.


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