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United States
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Company description

AIMS is the leading supplier of molded fiberglass gratings to the offshore oil & gas industry. AIMS and its sister company, Delta Composites, LLC, jointly own the intellectual property and the manufacturing of both the molded and pultruded fiberglass grating products.

As the first molded fiberglass gratings supplier to the offshore oil and gas industry, AIMS International together with Delta Composites, LLC, its sister company, are owners of the manufacturing and the intellectual property of pultruded and molded fiberglass grating products. For more information, check out our website or give us a call at 281-590-3240.

We are dedicated to our customers in all market sectors at AIMS International. We continue to make advancements in engineering and product development maintain a working environment that is cohesive, safe, and efficient. AIMS International are specialists in the provision of high-grade FRP products.

As a company, we are Det Norske Veritas (DNV) certified ISO 9001-2008. AIMS International has a field service division and professional engineering staff that are wholly committed to the provision of quality services and products to all of our customers around the world. Call us at 281-590-3240 for more information.

Advanced Industrial and Marine Services, Inc. otherwise known as AIMS International, was initially established in 1982. We are expanding into the VIV suppression industry. While we are still very much focused on how we managed to get to where we are today, we also realize that we must diversify to continually grow.

At AIMS, we provide a full line of VIV (vortex induced vibration) suppression products which includes ROV-friendly fairings and strakes, ADFS (AIMS Dual-Finned Flow Splitter) fairings that are patent-pending and also fixed-fin vortex strakes. We have numerous structural products that we also supply including fiberglass mud mats and custom hand-laid-up products.

Our FRP structural products at AIMS are inclusive of pultruded fiberglass grating systems, molded fiberglass grating systems, fiberglass structural fabrication, fiberglass mudmats, fiberglass platform ID signs as well as custom hand-laid-up products. Want to get in touch with us at AIMS? Give us a call at 281-590-3240.

It's a fact that almost any type of structure that is built using the steel can also be created using fiberglass by our company: Advanced Industrial and Marine Services, Inc. One example of this is that rather than using metal fencing, we can make ENC (electrolytically non-conductive) fencing instead. ENC fencing is far better than metal fencing where there are concerns about corrosion.

When there are concerns about conductivity or corrosion issues, it is advisable to use ENC fencing instead of metal fencing. ENC fencing, which is manufactured by AIMS Incorporated, is electrolytically non-conducive. Hence it cannot be destroyed nor is it conductive and also invisible to the radar.

The highly trained installation technicians at AIMS are experienced in fiberglass structural fabrication. We use engineered drawings to manufacture the products that are customized to meet the requirements of our customers. We are also regarded as the leading supplier to the offshore oil and gas industry of molded fiberglass gratings.

Our Fiberglass Mudmat Systems at AIMS are much stronger, and yet they are less costly than mudmat systems that are made from traditional steel. In fact, in comparison to a ¼ inch steel plate, our fiberglass mudmat systems are 24 times stronger. In contrast to 3/8 inch steel, our mudmats are 7.5 stronger as well.


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