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Who and when do you need a business plan? Most people think you only need a business plan if you are starting out or if you are attempting to secure capital. While these reasons are true, the reality is that every business needs to have a plan at all times. Just as you would never drive a care without a destination in mind, you should never spend a day working in a business that does not have a long term objective clearly defined. We work with entrepreneurs, start up businesses and well established companies that are in any stage of their existence.

Whatever your short and long term goals may be, a written business plan will help you materialize your vision faster and with less unexpected surprises along the way. Benefits of having a business plan also include; increased profitability, increased marketing results and improved efficiency within the business. It doesn't matter if you are launching a business or just looking for innovative ways to dominate your industry, our proven process is guaranteed to provide new and valuable insight.

Our business plans are world-class and are of the highest quality. We use proprietary software and a unique process for helping you complete the very best business and marketing plan possible. Don't worry if you feel as though you are not a professional writer or business expert, that's what makes our process so powerful is that we are there to help you with whatever you need. Let me explain. What we have found over the past 26 years having worked in over 70 countries is that there are two ways to get a business plan completed. You can either try and wing it yourself using a standard template. This approach is affordable but usually not very effective. The other way is to pay a consultant who will interview you then will write the plan for you. Most likely you will end up with a better plan but the chances of you understanding and following a plan that was written for you is quite low. Our approach works best and it's called PlanningCLUB.

PlanningCLUB: a program guaranteed to deliver a comprehensive business plan. It is an interactive setting perfect for dialogue, brainstorming and strategy sessions.

You’ll leave with a professional business plan that will give you what you need as an effective tool for further bank funding, angel investment, bank requirements, suppliers or for keeping shareholders informed. If nothing else, you'll have a plan that you can follow throughout the coming year. Proper business planning and an objective look at your numbers can mean the difference between long-term growth and success and failure … because even profitable businesses can (and do) go broke, simply because of “numbers illusion” that could have been caught or forecast in the context of a proper business plan.

This two-day strategy session will allow you to:

* Grow your business
* Confidently present to lenders or Angel investors for funding
* Share with your team to leverage your current resources in ways to massively grow cash flow and profit

With PlanningCLUB, you will be able to arrive at the session in the morning, and by the end of Day Two – have a complete, full and comprehensive business plan for YOUR business, complete with proven GROWTH strategies for improvement over the next 2 – 5 years.

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