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Postpartum weight loss abdomen is the beauty of each mother will consider the issue, the use of the abdomen has become the abdomen after the abdomen of the best products to consider, but because of just delivery, belly above the wound has not fully recovered, it is certainly not allowed With the belly band, then how long free shipping postpartum girdle after the birth can be used to bring postpartum to use slant to lose weight?

belt for stomach after delivery
belt for stomach after delivery
Experts advise long-term use of abdominal belly, will lead to poor blood, which led to lower extremity varicose veins, hemorrhoids, lumbar muscle strain and so on. In addition, the maternal waist is too tight, but also cause increased abdominal pressure, so that the support of the genital ligament decreased, causing uterine prolapse, uterine backward posterior, vaginal anterior or posterior wall swelling, and easy to induce pelvic Venous blood stasis, pelvic inflammatory disease, annex inflammation and other gynecological diseases. Proper use: belly should be half an hour after a meal every day, after the urine to wear, before bed to remove.
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It is worth noting that the natural delivery of the mother after the child can use postpartum abdomen. Some mothers that the natural childbirth after abdominal no wounds, so you can immediately use the belly band, it is not true. After birth, mothers have a lot of congestion in the abdomen, gas and other body fluids, need to naturally exclude the body through the cycle, if premature use of postpartum belly band will only limit the body’s blood circulation, it is not conducive to the body of lochia discharge, more conducive to breathing The smoothness of the organ recovery is not good. In addition, the early use of the abdomen will also focus on the pelvis above the force, may force the soft pelvic external expansion is not conducive to the recovery of postnatal girdle pelvis.
Under normal circumstances, the proposed natural delivery of the mother should be in the postpartum body recovery after the start of the use of pelvic correction zone, to 1 month postpartum, and then use the birth of a dedicated postpartum abdomen to help body sculpting.


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