Frankie’s Italian Kitchen

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5538 Reseda Boulevard
Los Angeles 91356
United States
Phone number:
(818) 705-1295


11:30 - 9:30
11:30 - 9:30
11:30 - 9:30
11:30 - 9:30
11:00 - 9:30
11:00 - 9:30
4:00 - 9:30

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Company description

Frankie’s Italian Kitchen has been known for its quality, homemade Italian food. With its variety of vegetarian, gluten-free, and health-conscious options, Frankie’s meets the specific needs of every guest during lunch and dinner.

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This is a high-end restaurant with outstanding service, a great Italian menu and a welcoming atmosphere. Verdi lasagna is simply the finest. The Milanese veal is outstanding. And that's a big part of it. The black truffle pasta was fantastic. Go and have a table early.
2/10/2021 9:16:33 PM Report

The lasagna was very savory, but the Limone tagliatelle is also going to die for Best Meal of the Year Fantastic Meeting.
2/10/2021 9:15:23 PM Report

I would love to say that this place is overpriced, but the truth is that their food is of the highest quality. They know how to make pasta, beef, fish, baked goods, salad, you name it. I don't think there's something wrong at this restaurant that you should order. It is pricey, so be prepared to splurge. However, it is awesome, so get prepared for the divine.
2/10/2021 9:12:54 PM Report

I've been here for years! Delicious food, great service and a comfortable environment. You're not going to regret coming here! Definitely make a reservation, for dinner in particular.
2/10/2021 9:12:13 PM Report

2/10/2021 9:10:38 PM Report

We have been to this restaurant for dinner several times as a family and have always been treated well and had good food. Alongside the osteria, which is also first class, they also have a spot for breakfast.
2/10/2021 9:07:07 PM Report

Very best, friendly, fabulous food. Last week he attended a wedding, a charming venue, a great dinner, a chef and his lovely wife. For me, 5 stars!
2/10/2021 9:05:54 PM Report

"When a reservation was made, we waited a bit as customers did not leave on time, but the service was just out of this world." To apologise, everybody went the extra mile! She was really impressed!!!!!! THE BEST food and service!
2/10/2021 9:01:22 PM Report

My wife spent her birthday here. It was awesome! The food was fantastic, the service was outstanding, and I couldn't ask for a better night. Thank you for being back,
2/10/2021 9:00:10 PM Report

From really cheap wines to a range of very expensive ones, outstanding food and a fantastic wine list. All the dishes we had were fantastic, the service was outstanding, and the patio seating was also very good.
2/10/2021 8:59:24 PM Report

As it is always busy, make sure to get a reservation. They will bring some delicious appetizers, salmon, vegetables and crackers as soon as you sit down. The Pear Salad is amazing. The pizza has a slender crust. Also, the bread pudding is fantastic. Extremely relaxed operation. Experience them.
2/10/2021 8:57:53 PM Report

Born in Italy and raised in Italy, this is the best Italian restaurant in the United States. Keep high guys from the bar!! Oh, alla grande!
2/10/2021 8:56:11 PM Report

As always, the service is excellent. Best Italian! Great variety and outstanding execution on the menu. High-grade ingredients. Very helpful staff and outstanding service. The atmosphere is very causal and bustling. The seating is very close, but okay. Must have a try!
2/10/2021 8:54:55 PM Report

What a wonderful restaurant and the best Italian food. We had many appetizers and they were fantastic. We also had a pizza and it was super crispy and flavorful. The green lasagna was so delicious. The best was the gelato with espresso. We had many desserts.
2/10/2021 8:53:55 PM Report

I favored the decoration. Like you were at a buddy's house feeding. The Filipino dishes were beautifully organized.
2/10/2021 8:50:43 PM Report

Everyone loved us. Looking ahead to our next step to both of our own families or friends. One of my favorite places.
2/10/2021 8:47:56 PM Report

Nice food and drink, yummy thumbs up. I like the atmosphere and it is very stylish and precise. Add a pianist to a lovely meal.
2/10/2021 8:45:45 PM Report

Yeah, indeed, he enjoyed the dinner along with the relaxation of the institution. Support is immense, we are well attended.
2/10/2021 8:44:36 PM Report

I wanted to suggest this eating place to the whole community so our Italian colleague would leave us and go back to his home town.
2/10/2021 8:42:19 PM Report

The speed is comfortable and can be very decorated. The food is precise, but it's a bit costly, but so healthy!
2/10/2021 8:40:47 PM Report

The owner's collections from trips abroad are most likely. And yes, food has been turned into first-rate food! I'd love to come again, and once again...
2/10/2021 7:56:30 PM Report

As I savored the different mix and match timber furniture, vibrant chandeliers and fascinating knickknacks, I was in eclectic heaven..
2/10/2021 7:53:56 PM Report

Besides precise meals, which this restaurant certainly provides, when dining out, the atmosphere and ornament is a bonus for me.
2/10/2021 7:52:05 PM Report

Fantastic service and environment. It's an idea and the quiz has been a brilliant idea. Food was of an excessive quality altogether.
2/10/2021 7:50:39 PM Report

So, thank you very much for that, and keep up the good work. Certainly, he will always be a favorite of mine!
2/10/2021 7:49:14 PM Report

Overall, what I need to do is thank the workforce, the cooks and the crew for a really good evening. They even went the mile to give my date a gift!
2/10/2021 7:48:22 PM Report

However, one thing to factor out is that the musicians serenading for the night were a little dull, but changes can certainly be done.
2/10/2021 7:47:03 PM Report

The food was served on schedule and to our taste. Additionally, the serving size becomes more than ample considering the rate and season.
2/10/2021 7:46:10 PM Report

Starting up, the receptionist has been turned into sort and hospitable, servers are also properly versed, articulate and willing to fulfill the guests' wishes.
2/10/2021 5:26:31 PM Report

Honestly, the buffet and the menu set for this occasion were no longer disappointing. Greatly recommended.
2/10/2021 5:22:51 PM Report

Perhaps it's a stroke of success or serendipity if you want me to get a seat in Nostalgia on Valentine's Day, but I'm grateful.
2/10/2021 5:21:09 PM Report

Within a place. The fee is well worth it for the outstanding food. Both were fantastic delicacies. Nice chef, great waiters with experience. Excellent experience. Worth every buck.
2/10/2021 5:20:07 PM Report

Highly fair. It's a place to eat in a hotel, so it can't be compared to various stand-alone restaurants.
2/10/2021 5:17:30 PM Report

Only have a nice dinner with buddies/lunch. In particular, the female manager is very welcoming and friendly.
2/10/2021 5:15:23 PM Report

Service is typically a top notch company. One of the reasons why I keep going lower right here if I stay at their condominium provider.
2/10/2021 5:13:56 PM Report

Similarly impressive is the atmosphere. It's an incredible eating spot in the end.
2/10/2021 5:08:41 PM Report

It is also well worth checking out the ala carte menu that varies periodically depending on their promo. Nice host for Maria, and we really loved our waiter ( cant remember his name though). The area outside was taken by a group of friends, and one long table is enough.
2/10/2021 4:59:28 PM Report

The buffet options may not be large, but the whole lot is excessively satisfying and genuinely delicious.
2/10/2021 4:57:25 PM Report

The trick is to get your reservations early, and they fill up quickly. A+ is operation, A+++ is food. There were five of us in our party, everyone was trying something new, and nobody was disappointed.
2/10/2021 4:56:14 PM Report

Had an easy yet delicious meal of: beef carpaccio with rucola salad and parmizan shavings as a starter and tomato sauce tagliolini pasta (simple but tasty!) and hazelnut gelato that was soooo good to finish off!
2/10/2021 4:55:26 PM Report

Every Friday and Sunday, they serve lunch at the buffet. You will enjoy the best meals and a nice atmosphere.
2/10/2021 4:54:42 PM Report

Employees and management clearly had the right mix between friendliness and effectiveness. Hey! Kudos! The lattes were also exceptional. The vibe is part of the fun here-just a few months ago, I was in Italy-and it felt like I was back.
2/10/2021 4:53:37 PM Report

The food became truly top class, very satisfying, from education to presentation, we had a pleasing waiter!
2/10/2021 4:52:18 PM Report

Wow!-Wow! The meals are mouthwatering and just splendid in the end service, the group of employees particularly DON made us feel very comfortable and changed into available at any beck.
2/10/2021 4:51:12 PM Report

They start with some tasty treats for you, which are almost enough for dinner. Astonishingly new and delicious treats! I had a perfectly tender octopus salad and, again, almost too much.
2/10/2021 4:48:11 PM Report

The night before her birthday, my girlfriend and I decided to sit down for dinner. It was a night to remember. It's been a while since I went to the restaurant where it was all fine. All the dishes in heaven were made!!!
2/10/2021 4:26:17 PM Report

So much to say about this place... and I'm reluctant to say anything about it because I don't want everyone to come here! The room is delightful, and I think we'll try to sit at the back bar next time we go.
2/10/2021 4:25:41 PM Report

Combined with his unique bar capacity, employees and management have a warm and stupid point of view. They've been eating Italian food all over the world. One of my personal favourites is this. Actually, it was so nice that we ate twice here during our journey.
2/10/2021 4:25:08 PM Report

There is a constantly welcoming bar helmed through Mac in the event you quip think you need to put up at the smorgasbord or nourishment.
2/10/2021 4:24:30 PM Report

The staff is incomprehensibly proficient and makes a special effort to ensure that your meal, drinks, and visit can become cherished memories.
2/10/2021 4:23:47 PM Report

So... the diet is fantastic and the workplace is appropriate, but the excellent support is what brings the amazing end. The experience began with the tasty thin pieces of bread and proceeded with tasty fried octopus and homemade black truffle pasta.
2/10/2021 4:23:13 PM Report

One of the best Italian places to eat is this small, unassuming little room. With even a small outside dining area, it is small but very lively.
2/10/2021 4:22:29 PM Report

This was a family affair at our table of three to celebrate a birthday and the guest of honor ordered the octopus—she rated it excellent.
2/10/2021 4:21:42 PM Report

Lovely nourishment and amazing help you will not be disillusioned nourishment is as well in any instance crisp great bar territory.
2/10/2021 4:20:31 PM Report

Try lasagna, carpaccio and octopus beef, and you're not going to be disappointed. I have eaten for years at this place and food is excellent, but service is going to range from excellent to decent.
2/10/2021 4:19:25 PM Report

Prices are good for the quality and portions served.Taste like home cooked Italian food. Service was great as well. Very attentive staff, this was our first time ordering from here and it is delicious. We ordered Calamari and the chicken parm meal.
6/30/2020 1:18:31 PM Report